A few words about us

How we got the idea for Creative AGENCY?

Our company is called "Creative Agency" because we believe that creativity is the driving force behind innovation and growth. We want to be a place where imagination and ingenuity are free to flourish. All our activities are focused on creating original and compelling designs that stand out from the crowd. We believe that creativity is the key to setting new standards and becoming an inspiration to others. That's why in the name of our agency we emphasize our core values - creativity, innovation and boldness in our approach to the projects we carry out. Our name is our calling card and a promise to deliver extraordinary solutions for our clients.

Meet our team

Michael  Smith

Creative Director

What I'm doing at Creative AGENCY:

My main responsibility is to direct and oversee the creative process. I am responsible for creating strategic concepts and ensuring consistency of artistic vision in our projects. My experience and vision are key to ensuring that each project stands out for its originality and aesthetics.


Favorite activity:

My favorite activity outside of working at the agency is photography. I love to catch moments and create beautiful compositions that convey emotions and tell stories.

Christine Brown

Project Manager

What I do at Creative AGENCY:

As Project Manager at Creative Agency, my job is to manage and coordinate projects, ensuring their timeliness and efficiency. I am responsible for planning, organizing resources and maintaining strong communication with clients. My role is to ensure that each project runs smoothly and achieves its goals.


Favorite activity:

Outside of my work at the agency, I travel frequently. I love discovering new places, learning about different cultures and being inspired by the diversity of the world.

Tomas Walker

Web Developer

What I do at Creative AGENCY:

My job is to create and develop responsive websites and interactive online solutions. I use my programming skills to ensure that our sites are functional, easy to navigate and comply with the latest technology standards.


Favorite activity:

My favorite thing to do outside of working at the agency is programming computer games. I love creating virtual worlds and experimenting with different technologies to turn ideas into interactive experiences.

Jenny Adams

Graphic Designer

What I do at Creative AGENCY:

As Graphic Designer at Creative Agency, my job is to create visual concepts and graphic designs. I design unique visual identities, marketing materials and user interfaces that stand out for their aesthetics, readability and effectiveness.


Favorite activity:

My favorite activity outside of working at the agency is painting. I love creating paintings that capture my emotions and imagination, using a variety of techniques and materials.

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